In search of consistency in every cup of coffee…(Part 1)

Have you ever popped into a café and judged how good your coffee will taste by the appearance and action of your barista? You might be standing there, subconsciously starring at what they’re doing and have statements and questions in your head – ‘I don’t know them…ummm…do they know what they’re doing?’ ‘This is taking forever…I need to get to work…Is he/she burning my milk?’ ‘Why is the guy behind me getting his coffee first?’

A good barista will take care of every factor that will affect the beverage served. In the coffee industry, equipment has been invented to keep certain factors consistent to minimize the most inconsistent variable during a coffee making process – the ‘human’ factor.|More cafés are now using automatic grinders and use of scale to assist barista to dose coffee consistently and automatic tamper to ensure even distribution and consistent weight is put in every single time. Some of us will be scared as we feel like technology is replacing the ‘authentic’ process of making coffee. If a robot can make you a perfect espresso every single time, then where will this leave baristas?