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A Look Into Our Designers’ WFH Workstation

Although we are all obsessed with our office space and love being surrounded by all the talented people, WFH (Working From Home) is now the new normal here in Sydney, Australia. We thought it would be interesting to have a look into different ‘stay-at-home’ workstation setups from our team, where the designers are crafting the next big projects. 


Big Boss Sheila’s workstation screams ‘techie’ vibe with a variety of professional devices and gadgets. Her keyboard with red lights brings in extra energy to the whole setup, while the cards and photos at the back add a little touch of personal elements. 

Sheila’s must-have: Charging Dock  – Low battery is a NO NO!

Interesting Find: Mini Mint Desk Vacuum – a life-safer for your table mess that also looks chic.



This little friend decided to take over our Boss Alexandra’s workstation for the day! His appearance adds extra coziness to the professional setup. 

Alexandra’s must-have: Calculator – Slay the numbers!

Interesting Find: 🐶 



Our Designer Katie’s workstation deserves a spot on any Pinterest board! We are in love with all the neutral tones. You know our designers are up and busy when their desktops look like this. 

Katie’s must-have: Phone – relatable! 

Interesting Find: White Statue Pen Holder 



The marble tabletop adds a timeless and versatile finish to our designer Cathy’s simple workstation.

Cathy’s must-have: Airpods – essential for online meetings or jamming to her all-time favourite tunes. 

Interesting Find: Vitamins! – a must for daily immune support during these times. 



Another aesthetically pleasing workstation from our designer Kelly. The colorful keyboard and miniatures add some pop of colours to the whole setup that is black-heavy. 

Kelly’s must-have: Water – gotta stay hydrated!

Interesting Find: Plant



We are obsessed with our graphic designer Phoebe’s glass table that elevates the whole setup. The black and white combination always delivered, such a simple yet modern workstation.  

Phoebe’s must-have: Chocolate – much needed to keep the creative juices flowing

Interesting Find: Speaker – for best sounds that also looks good as a decoration item. 



Our designer Kristine’s workstation is simple and organised which leans more on the professional setup. Basically, it is a setup that helps you get the job done without having any distracting objects. 

Kristine’s must-have: Glasses – in order to spot all the little details 

Interesting Find: a cup of water – nothing too glamorous here, we just love that she is staying hydrated! 



Our designer Nellie’s workstation is a perfect mix of professional and personal with the addition of everyday essentials and decoration here and there. Her flowers add a breath of liveliness to the whole setup. 

Nellie’s must-have: Lucas PaPaw – a multi-purpose fav for us all!

Interesting Find:  Wall Decor – Gift Tag, Quote, Photo


Bonus workstation from our Management and Marketing team 


Michelle’s workstation is all about simplicity, equipped with all the basic work items  and a hint of personal. Having white as the main color scheme, this setup looks clean and professional.

Michelle’s must-have: Diary – pages of life

Interesting Find: Cute ‘Woof’ picture frame



Rachel’s love for all things pink and her army of minions show with this workstation. The combination of pink and yellow is fun and motivational. 

Rachel’s must-have: sticky note – a classic reminder 

Interesting Find: Pink Bunny Phone Stand 


We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a dedicated workstation when you are working-from-home, as it enables us to focus and be productive. We got to see such a unique vast of characteristics and personal preferences put into each setup, these could be great inspiration for your own ‘stay-at-home’ workstation. 

Design Strategies to Increase Walk-ins For F&B Outlets

While some people like to search for online reviews first before deciding which restaurant they will choose, the majority of the rest simply ‘trust in their guts’ and enter the one that appeals to the senses and whet the appetite. 

Design has a critical impact on decision-making; It is one of the first factors why someone decides to enter an F&B (Food and Beverage) outlet within seconds. That is why we highly recommend discovering these design strategies to increase walk-ins for your business. 

Attractive Facade

“The face of your business.”

A captivating shop front design for restaurants and cafes does more than looking good, it excites people’s curiosity and gives a visual clue that hints at what to expect by conveying your brand message. 

Yakiniku Yokocho Japanese Restaurant Shop Front
Yakiniku Yokocho, Sydney | Interior Design and Branding by Vie Studio

Unique businesses take their facades up a notch. Imagine having a hard time deciding what’s for dinner until you see this vibrant yet mysterious restaurant that screams vintage. The overall design subtly tells you that the restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine, at the same time, intrigued to enter in order to explore more.  

Eye-grabbing Signage and Props also play significant roles in completing the whole design of your business exterior. It’s like the ‘accessories’ to complete your everyday look. 

Signage should be distinct and easy to read in order to grab people’s attention, especially at night. Props are more than just decoration, they are a way to reflect the desired persona of your business — whether it’s fast, casual, fancy, or a hybrid. Plants or custom made sculptures are some of the popular choices. 

Scultures at Roji Monster Sydney
Custom Sculptures at Roji Monster, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Our Tips:

  • Walk-in customers love to “window shop” F&B outlets, it is a good idea to avoid any exterior clutter so potential customers can have a peek at the overall ambience and what is being served (unless you are aiming to create a private and exclusive setting). 
Sushi Hotaru shop front
Sushi Hotaru, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio
  • Another way to increase traffic is to put a few seats outside such as sidewalk café tables, these seating will act as a “living billboard.”
  • Your signage should be clear to read and use contrasting colours to prevent the text from blending with the background.
  • Avoid overcrowded display of your props. 


Welcoming Lighting

“Extra lights, Extra Shine”

Lighting is one of the most important facets of interior design and as the options are endless, you might want to navigate it down by identifying the overall mood you want to accentuate. For instance, you might opt for low lighting to create a more laid-back mood or bright lights to encourage a lively atmosphere. 

Lighting at Japanese BBQ restaurant
Lighting Design at Yakiniku Ryoma BBQ, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Lighting also depends on the theme of your brand and should never be overlooked. Speaking of lights, neon signs add extra ambience and is a great way to showcase your business’s personality and creative flair. 

neon lights, Thai restaurant shop front
Neon lights at Thai Riffic, St Clair | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Our Tips:

  • Take into consideration how your lighting will look in both daytime and nighttime, as dimmed lights might be a problem when it is dark while lights that are too bright are a bad idea when the sun is up. However, this also depends on the location of your outlets and whether natural lighting is an option. 


Is it Photo-Worthy?

“Camera eats first”

With the burgeoning popularity of social media, many businesses put lots of thought into design elements that could tap into the love for photography and moment sharing of their potential customers. We got impressed at how the little details like a romantic quote on the wall or a hanging light could be the reason why people step in that door. 

Photo wall at Machi Machi tea shop
Machi Machi, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Our tips: 

  • Do some research on what clicks for your target customers. 
  • Avoid overcrowding your space with photo-worthy spots. 


Learn more about our previous projects or discuss in-depth design strategies that will help boost your walk-ins today with one of our professional designers.

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key benefits of strong brand identity

4 Key Benefits of Strong Brand Identity

Are you a new player in the market and struggling to get that initial attention? Or are you taking the next steps and looking to advance your company image? Crafting a strong brand identity is your ‘key’. Brand identity is at the core of all marketing and brand awareness efforts and has great benefits for your brand in the long run. 

What is Brand Identity?

“It goes beyond having a logo and ‘call it a day’.”

As a business, your brand identity is essentially your personality and what makes you unique. Ultimately, it’s how you are perceived in the eyes of the public.

It consists of aspects like your website design and brand colour choices, as well as elements such as your values, marketing collaterals, customer interactions and social media profiles.

Miss Shanghai Branding
Miss Shanghai – Branding Project by Vie Studio


A Strong Brand Identity Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

“Shine bright like a diamond”

Developing a professional, creative identity design allows you to showcase the uniqueness of your business and add a competitive edge that will differentiate you from your competitors. With millions if not billions of businesses trying to enter or make a name for themselves in an already crowded market, your strong identity is what it takes to fill in the initial ‘why?’ question, for instance, “Why should I choose your services or products instead of theirs?”.


A Strong Brand Identity Builds Trust for New Customers & Partners and Loyalty for Returning Ones

“If it matches their values, they will see the landscape entirely differently.”

An effective brand identity communicates your business personality and influences your clients’ perception of who you are in terms of quality, service and trustworthiness. It is why you attract customers in the first place and why they keep coming back for more. Occasionally, you could easily rank higher in the list if your brand showcases values that match with theirs. 

This also applies to the partners and companies you will be working with, as your brand identity shows how prepared you are in the professional world.


A Strong Brand Identity Creates a sense of consistency and cohesiveness

“Consistency is Key”

A detailed brand identity package ensures that you are at the forefront of all your marketing materials, have full control over how your business should be presented and easily plan cohesive messages and design elements across all different platforms. Hence, naturally engage a sense of consistent company experience for customers, employees and key stakeholders.


A Strong Brand Identity Enables Growth and Conveys Stability

“Cheers to many upcoming years…”

When your brand is aligned with your vision, it fosters any progressions within your business and growth naturally becomes feasible. 

A well-defined brand identity also projects a long term feel and conveys an impression that the business is ‘here to stay’. 

Australia Packaging branding
Australia Packaging – Branding Project by Vie Studio


At Vie Studio, we are here to tell a story and bring a brand to life, not only by making it look good, and be relevant to the end-users, but also by transforming brands themselves into powerful assets for a business. 

Check out more of our branding projects or speak to our team today to discover how we can help you build your brand.