As the first ‘designer’ café in Sydney, 0.6 is a social hub where everyone can gather, share ideas and appreciate life. By having an extensive knowledge and experience in engaging with new food and beverage businesses, the 0.6 team knows the trials of starting a new business and the strategies to make it stand out. As a group of young and trendy entrepreneurs, they pursue their own aspirations by remaining positive and appreciate life as it is.

0.6 is created to introduce the idea of having a co-working, retail and exhibition space within a café environment as patrons enjoy their specialty coffee and having good food. In an era of constant changes in the food and beverage industry, 0.6 focuses on channelling out the flavours and colours through their products. The café also strives to cater the needs of patrons by incorporating design whether it be creating an art form on the plate or the menu design. Through creating an approachable, affordable and fun environment, patrons can enjoy a great lifestyle.