At Vie Studio, we believe that DESIGN SHAPES
and LIFE, in turn, SHAPES DESIGN.

Vie Studio is a multi-dimensional, reputable team
that is CREATIVE and BOLD. We strike to BREAK NEW
in transforming your ideas into visuals,
spaces and experiences you can see, touch and feel.

Our Values

Our vision is to be an INTERNATIONAL
design studio that cares for people, delivers strategic

Our Founders

Sheila Liew
Design Director


Leading the interior design team, Sheila has spent the last decade in the industry fulfilling her dreams of immersing herself into every aspect of contributing to the ongoing development of contemporary interior design. Her attention to detail continually satisfies the fine balance between realising her client’s dreams and technical requirements, while regarding aesthetic concerns and delivering jaw-dropping spaces.

Alexandra Luo
Creative Director


Alexandra brings the branding team together with a strong focus on styling each brand uniquely and distinctively. Her marketing abilities and intuitive eye on brand awareness has played a key role in shaping the team‘s aesthetic. She has integrated strategies and marketing ideas to drive new and existing customer sales, brand/product evolutions and ultimately provides strong endorsements for her clients.

The Creative Team

Michelle Man
Business Development Manager


With a strong sense of design and depth of experience in the F&B industry, Michelle is a central driver of Vie Studio’s service offerings and eagerness for embracing new challenges and opportunities. Being able to amalgamate her knowledge and skills in running businesses and managing teams to create engaging brands and designs, she hopes to develop each clients’ brand and business with a mindset for success, creativity, and longevity.

Katie Li
Interior Designer


As an integral part of Vie Studio, Katie is passionate about demonstrating her skills in a full range of projects – from their early concepts through to their completed stages. She has extensive knowledge in documentation and 3D CAD and exudes a thoughtful and considerate manner that clients can see and feel. She has developed strong project management abilities to be able to handle multiple complex projects, and is a confident and capable liaison for clients, shopfitters, and authorities.