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Origami meets architecture

Origami meets architecture Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In Japanese ‘ori’ means ‘folding’ and ‘kami’ means paper. The goal of this interesting concept is to transform a flat sheet square into a finished sculpture through various folding...

Inspirations from a Japanese lifestyle photographer

Recently I have been inspired by a Japanese lifestyle/ photography Instagram blogger called @holon_ . I stumbled across his feed randomly when I was just scrolling down my discover page. The reason why I was so intrigued by his page was his composition, colours, minimal objects and...

Do you need a travel companion or not?

Need a travel companion or not? Have you ever wanted to check out exotic places, but was too chicken to go out to explore yourself? Yes- that was me. But as I grew up, I reckon you have to travel to a foreign country by yourself...