Cafe 0.6, Alexandria

Project Name: Cafe 0.6
Location: Alexandria
Project Type: Interior & Branding Design
Date: 2017

0.6 is a space providing a friendly and collaborative space for everyone who enjoys good design inspirations, specialty coffee, food and socialising. By creating an approachable, affordable and fun environment, the atmosphere will reflect the way life should be.

A harmonious colour palette and materials have been used to reflect a light and airy interior. With the adaptable retail space, 0.6 provides patrons a quiet space for productivity and relaxation marking it a social hub or meeting place. At the rear is a workshop area which is open to the public for hire, to encourage creative activity in the community.

The café’s counter features detachable front panels which may be changed and modified based on seasonal design trends, and also has a section mounted on castor wheels so that it may be relocated as a standalone coffee bar. A small adaptable retail space will showcases unique pieces and products from local and international artists and creators.