Gyusha Yakiniku

Project Name: Gyusha Yakiniku
Location: 6 Central Park Ave Chippendale NSW
Project type: Interior design
Date: November 2019


Gyusha Yakiniku is one of the newest Japanese BBQ joints that has made its’ way into the heart of the dynamic city living area – Central Park, Chippendale. The overall brand reflects Gyusha’s value of putting emphasis on the high quality of water, fodder and care given to their produce which is reflected in their service and quality. Offering Wagyu beef products directly from their own farm, Gyusha is a Japanese Yakiniku that offers a fresh new self-serve dining experience for the Australian market.

To showcase their positive attitude, the visual identity of this brand is influenced by the combination of wagyu quality and texture found on the meat. The logo design represents Gyusha’s down to earth brand identity that puts emphasis on their traditional roots as a Japanese Yakiniku. Soft textured patterns reflects the marbling found on the wagyu cuts whilst a muted watercolour palette is used to mirror the farm- like setting.

Following the paddock to farm principle at the core of Gyusha’s values, the interior adopts a minimal but refined style using natural materials and green as its feature colour to reinforce the freshness of the food. Details from a typical barn was deconstructed in a modern way to recreate the immersive country style experience in the heart of the city.