The Silverline, Alexandria

Concept Name: The Silverline
Location Site: Cafe 0.6, Alexandria
Project Type: Interior Concept Design and Installation
Date of Completion: June 2020

Even during the worst events or situations, there is a bright side.
When times get tough, it’s no surprise that we start to wonder: “What keeps us going?”.
Whilst working through these difficulties, we come to rediscover ourselves and reframe our perspectives on life. It is through these discoveries that we learn to appreciate the little things that bring us joy, especially in times of unprecedented crisis.
‘The Silverline’ is our take on appreciating these little things, with the concept revolving around slowing down, making up for lost time to focus on self-care and looking forward to the better days ahead. Our team hopes to continue to inspire and bring positivity to the community as we truly believe that we can overcome any hurdle by working together as one.

Ceiling artwork installation
Using minimal line work and subtle splashes of colour, the installation highlights our concept of a silver lining – that in every gloomy situation we can always keep moving forward towards our better tomorrow.
The overarching idea behind each artwork is activities or items that keep our team going through these tough times. For instance, our hobbies, pets or even spending time reconnecting with nature have helped us get through these dark times. However, what really drives us forward is our hope and passion to continue to bring good food and inspiration to the community. By hanging the installations above Café 0.6’s seating area, we hope patrons will take the time to explore each individual artwork and find something that, upon reflection, resonates within them as that has also kept them going during these unpredictable times.

Cloud & seasonal floral installation
The ‘silver lining’ visually manifests itself in the form of an interwoven cloud installation and use of baby’s breath, enhancing this concept and its ideas of optimism and positivity. Along the café corridor, an array of calendar pages has been installed to represent each and every day that makes up 2020. The pages have been arranged in columns, as to mirror raindrops falling from the cloud. The varying lengths and layering of multiple pages symbolise how some days can feel longer than others, allowing those who pass by to reflect on the good and the bad, as well as anticipate what is to yet to come.
These seasonal floral installations are a collaboration between V By Vie & Fable Studio Co. The installations work with the framework of the café and studio space, attaching themselves to existing structures. The milk and bread crates add another layer to the installations, bringing in elements of day to day life and how these seemingly insignificant objects hold importance in the café’s daily operation. Each cluster of flowers tangibly represents the blooming of hope and the brighter future ahead.
The three elements come together in hope to inspire the community to view situations from a variety of perspectives and discover that creativity can be found and take form in even the most ordinary of places.