Thai Riffic St Clair

Project: Thai Riffic
Location Site: St. Clair
Project Type: Interior Design
Date of Completion:  2021

Despite never being colonised by any country, Thailand’s rich cultural history has been shaped over time by European influences. Through this, the people of Thailand, along with their royal family, have often sought Western ideals, which subsequently sparked changes that have been adopted into everyday life. The open embrace of the western ways by the royals, trickled throughout society and shaped the mindsets of the people. Concurrently, the Australian food landscape is an amalgamation of food from all around the world, bringing together Asian and Western flavours to create something unique and modern. Thairiffic’s food offerings are a combination of street food and fusion dishes.

Incorporating both the contemporary and industrial styles, the design will be a play on the old and new. This will be achieved through rough and rustic finishes contrasted against sleek polished surfaces. The design will feature neutral tones with pops of orange brand colour to give a relaxed yet polished atmosphere. Classic timber chairs and soft brown banquette upholstery further reinforce the warmth and adds a subtle nod to the past; while neon LED feature lights will add a touch of modernity and Thai street flair to the space.