Top Impression Bakery

Project Name: Top Impression Bakery
Location: Rhodes Central
Project Type: Interior Design
Date: 2021

“Good food is music you can taste, colour you cans smell”

There is nothing like the aroma of freshly baked bread where just the mere scent ensnares those in its wake.

Humans are innately drawn to anything that sparks a visceral experience connecting to memory and experiences. Top Impression embodies this idea of Synaesthesia, where the senses cross over or where one tastes shapes, and one can hear colour. The design approach of Top impression executes this notion through a variety of design elements that conjure sensorial experiences whilst paying homage to the site’s industrial context.

Clean and refined sculptural-esque characteristics draws a museum-like character that plays a dynamic part in wielding “props” made of metal and rocky textures. The character is showcased with visual inducing suspended lights that ghosts across the steel reflection of the interior, bringing a transient quality to the interior space.

The symphony of all these senses creates a drama that is minimal yet dynamic to the Bakery interior.