Supercharge Your Instagram Feed With These 5 Interesting Accounts [Our Monthly Picks]

What makes Instagram so engaging is the constant flow of photos — of your friend’s funny bloopers or the most photo-worthy spots in Paris. Yet, are you tired of seeing the same content day by day? It’s recharging time, here’s a list of five accounts you should definitely start following on Instagram. 


Recommended by our team, although most of us are, obvi, designers, this article covers everything from aesthetically pleasing photos and cool design to daily happiness, lifestyle, and relatable memes we all need after a hectic day.



Known for his breathtaking aerial photography projects, German photographer Tom Hegen captures a glimpse of our earth’s surface and landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention while raising awareness on environmental issues.

His projects are very much research-driven, taking visual storytelling up a notch!



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Of course, we have to give the ‘child’ of Vie Studio a shoutout! If you are a brunch enthusiast or simply love scrolling through #foodporn and #coffeeheaven photos, Cafe 0.6 account is waiting for that follow!

The feed is designed and planned based on the current seasonal theme going on at the cafe. 



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All-in-one stop for worldwide projects, featuring Furniture | Interior Design | Architecture. 

The account showcases designs with unconventional approaches. If you are a fan of pastel palettes and rose hues, Layers and Shapes is your wonderland. 



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It’s the #editorialworthy homes and residential projects you see on magazines with the appearance of our favourite friend #puppy #dog.

Each photo features an incredible home and the dog(s) that live there. #adorable 



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I mean, we just have to include a #meme account here cause who doesn’t love a good laugh? If you are a part of the #9to5 team, you could easily relate to any post here and find yourself screaming #relatable while scrolling through this account. 

Nothing fancy or mind-blowing, but tons of daily doses of fun content to fight tough days.



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