Top 8 Film Set Design (Our Designers’ Picks)

A great film is not just entertaining but also a great resource for design inspiration. We thought it’d be interesting to get the film buffs from our team to pick out the Top 8 Set Design. If you are someone that can be easily distracted from the narrative because of a sophisticated set design, check out the list below.

Grand Budapest Hotel – Old Department Store Turned One of The Most Iconic On-screen Hotel

Designer: Adam Stockhausen

  • Concierge-geometry | Bob Yeoman - Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • The Hotel's Lobby - Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • The Hotel's Lobby - Fox Searchlight Pictures


Squid Game – Set Design that Evoked The Power of Realism and Nostalgia

Art Director: Chae Kyoung-sun

  • Warehouse-informed room with bunk beds - Courtesy of Netflix
  • Circus-like set with glass bridge - Courtesy of Netflix
  • Oversized Children Playground - Courtesy of Netflix
  • Maze-like staircase hall - Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Replication of typical Korean neighborhood alleyways in the 70s and 80s - Courtesy of Netflix
  • Replication of typical Korean neighborhood alleyways in the 70s and 80s - Courtesy of Netflix


In the Mood for Love – The Retro Colour Palette that Remains a Statement Despite The Comings and Goings of Trends

Production Designer: Kar Wai and William Chang

  • Old apartment set - Courtesy Jet Tone Pictures
  • Red Hallway - Courtesy Jet Tone Pictures
  • Main bedroom - Courtesy Jet Tone Pictures
  • Old Post Office - Courtesy Jet Tone Pictures
  • Old wall with posters - Courtesy Jet Tone Pictures
  • Red Hallway - Courtesy Jet Tone Pictures


The Great Gatsby – A World Drenched in Colours, Patterns, Layers, and Depth

Production Designer: Catherine Martin

  • The Balcony - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • The Sitting Room - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • The Grand Ballroom - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Tom and Daisy’s Sitting-Room - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Gatsby’s library - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Tom and Daisy’s Sitting-Room - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Myrtle and Tom’s Sitting Room - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • The Grand Bedroom - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Inception – The Brilliant Design of Five Distinctively Complex and Simultaneous Worlds That Played With Our Minds

Production Designer: Guy Dyas

  • The Japanese Castle - Japanese-architecture influenced set | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Penrose_Stairs | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • The Japanese Castle - Japanese-architecture influenced set | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Rotating Hallway Set | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


2001: Space Odyssey – Defines Retro-futuristic and Museum-like Furniture

Production Designers: Tony Masters, Harry Lange and Ernest Archer

  • Master Bedroom | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Space Lounge | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Spaceship | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Master Bedroom | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Crazy Rich Asians – Turning Abandoned Hotel and Ordinary Spaces to a Lustre and Yes, Rich World that Hits Cultural Touchstones

Production Designer: Nelson Coates

  • Wedding Location - Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • The Young family ancestral home - Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • The first-class cabin - built set - Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • Nick Young's mother's home - Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • The set of the $40 million wedding - Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • The Young family ancestral home - green staircase - Courtesy of Warner Bros.
  • A view of the bachelor party set - Courtesy of Warner Bros.


Parasite – how an onscreen house that was built to prioritize blocking and camera angles made production design history

Production Designer: Lee Ha Jun

  • Park-family living room | Photo - Neon
  • Digital rendering of the Park-family house | Photo - Neon
  • Park-family house and garden - Photo - Neon
  • The entire set of the Kims’ street | Photo ⓒ 2019 CJ ENM CORPORATION, BARUNSON E&A ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • Still cut - looking into the kitchen from the living room | Photo - Neon
  • Extravagant display cabinet | Photo ⓒ 2019 CJ ENM CORPORATION, BARUNSON E&A ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • Kim-family apartment | Photo - Neon


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A Handy Article for Those In Search of A Great Dining Experience

Over the years, our team of creative minds has worked with restaurant owners to design spaces that inspire and ignite senses. Hence, we can indeed say that while good food does play a vital role in the success of any restaurant, a great ‘dining experience’ is where the magic comes in. 

Dining experience includes many different aspects, it’s the ambience, the service, the interior design and decor, basically, everything you encounter the moment you walk in the door. A medley of the little details will differentiate a profound experience from an ordinary one. 

We have compiled a list of factors you might want to consider if you’re struggling between the endless options, with some great joints Sydney has to offer.


You’re after a Picturesque View


Bennelong | Photo © Nikki To


Situated within one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, diners will experience the harmony of luxurious interior and picture-perfect views of the city.


Infinity Sydney Tower | Photo © Infinity


If you go higher, things will look different – they said. At Infinity, diners will ascend 81 levels above and get to witness incredible revolving views of Sydney’s skyline and harbour.


The Butler Terrace | Photo © Kimberley Low

The Butler

This restaurant is a forest-like garden with a panoramic view you’d dream about at night. Perfect spot to watch the afternoon sun dips down or the city’s exquisite night scenery. 


You’re after something as if you’re in a Foreign Country


Yakiniku Yokocho | Interior Design and Branding by Vie Studio | Photo © Andrew Worssam

Yakiniku Yokocho

Upon entering, one would feel like being whisked away to the bustling streets of Japan. Fully immersed in Japanese culture with vibrant and mysterious alleyways, retro signages and lightboxes while enjoying the juiciest cuts of meats, Japanese Barbecue style.


You’re after a Themed Degustation


Food Presentation | Photo © Cole Bennetts


If you are a fan of novelty, themed-dining and always down for something new and exciting, Nel. is waiting for that reservation. They offer a unique eight-course degustation menu every 10 weeks. Widely known for their famous once upon a time, a Disney-inspired degustation menu, in which every plate is a piece of art, a flavour sensation and a story. 

Current theme: Trip down memory lane 2.0


You’re after an Absurdly Fun Experience


Karen’s Diner Interior | Photo © World Square

Karen’s Diner

You can expect a dining experience like never before at this new burger joint. Serving up American-style burgers, but with a whole new definition of customer service.

Unlike other places, at Karen’s, you will be served by rude waitresses and are encouraged to bring out your ‘inner Karen’. If you love all things retro and a “not-your-typical” experience, this place is the place.


You’re a Live Music Buff


Restaurant Hubert | Photo © Anna Kucera


A dazzlingly romantic and cozy restaurant to enjoy classic French brasserie dishes and good company. This space has a nostalgic and exclusive feel with cavernous interiors, vintage post-war Paris decor, and dim lighting.

A huge bonus for live music buffs, Live Jazz is available every Monday to Thursday evening.


You’re after an interesting Booze&Brunch Spot


Cafe 0.6 | Photo © Cafe 0.6

Cafe 0.6

Cafe 0.6 is where great company goes in hands with innovative brunch food and boozes. They are known for their intriguing menu with uniquely named dishes and drinks that go above and beyond in terms of presentation and creativeness. Complemented each other like berry and cream, a taste paired with a sip, that’s how the weekend should be.


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Is Feng Shui a Common Practice for Commercial Interior Designers? + Exclusive Tips from Our Designers

We have had clients who considered the principles of Feng Shui as important to their project in one way or another. But is it a common practice for Interior Designers, especially when working with commercial outlets or business settings? In this article, we will dip our toes into this philosophy and hear some thoughts from our experienced designers. 


What is Feng Shui?

“Get that good energy going”


​​Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to find balance and harmony between elements. The term consists of ‘feng’ meaning wind and ‘shui’ meaning water. Often referred to as the art of placement, Feng Shui involves the process of placing elements to maximize the flow of energy. 

Incorporating Feng Shui goes beyond the Western notions of comfort or aesthetics. Through positive energy flow, the emphasis is placed on physical and mental well-being, success, and successful relationships. 

The use of Feng Shui in preliminary design concepts can also result in better use of space and more welcoming, positive layouts.


Jean de Lessard brought Feng Shui into Montreal Pharmacy | Image © Adrien Williams


The 5 Elements

Feng shui principles focus on the five elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. 


Symbolizes growth and vitality

Associated colours: deep brown, green, light blue



Symbolizes passion and energy

Associated colours: red, bright / deep yellow, pink, purple, orange



Symbolizes stability and balance. 

Associated colours: light yellow, sandy/light brown, beige



Symbolizes precision and intelligence

Associated colours: White and metallic



Symbolizes wisdom and abundance

Associated colours: dark blue, black


Is Feng Shui A Common Practice For Commercial Interior Designers?

After a quick Q&A session with our team of designers, the answer to this question is… NO! Even though a majority of them do believe that Feng Shui works, all were leaning towards ‘No’ when asked if it is commonly incorporated. Some added that it is mainly based on the client’s request and relatively more common for residential projects than commercial ones. 

Katie Li – our interior designer, has shared her experiences and insights on one of our previous projects that was heavily influenced by Feng Shui – Fresh and Hot Malatang.

3D Render | Fresh & Hot Ma La Tang Central Park | Interior Design by Vie Studio

We are proud to be the design team behind all branches of Fresh and Hot Malatang across Sydney. According to Katie, the design elements and details were based on the idea of engaging more positive energy by incorporating ‘fire’ elements with warm tones of red, orange and yellow palettes that go hand in hand with the restaurant’s name itself. This was because our client, the restaurant’s owner, strongly believes in Feng Shui and its benefits in generating luck.

3D Render | Fresh & Hot Ma La Tang East Village | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Katie expressed that it was such a great opportunity to participate in a project that incorporated Feng Shui, something rarely being addressed in commercial projects. 

Yet, it was not easy for our team; She pointed out that since one of the branches is within a shopping centre, the RDM (Retail Design Manager) requested the use of cooler tones to balance out the overall warmer ambience, which was against the client’s Feng Shui. After some back and forths, our team suggested a contrasting brick tone and cooler floor material to  the Central Park store, resulting in a not so overpowering presence while maintaining the required Feng Shui elements and colours.

Fresh & Hot Ma La Tang Central Park | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Katie also walked us through the designing process. She mentioned that the design plan was passed through to a Feng Shui master, which he later pointed out areas that should be brightened in order to engage better energy.

She mentioned a curated list of furniture, lighting options and materials such as tiles and timber that played significant roles in the whole design. 

Lucky Cat Graffiti Art and Wall Graphics | Fresh & Hot Ma La Tang Rhodes Central | Interior and Graphic Design by Vie Studio

The wall art of the ‘lucky cat’ was added based on the client’s request, as it’s one of his lucky elements. The team decided to step on an innovative route with the graphics by incorporating hip-hop elements that gave the brand an elevated and approachable image for the local demographics.


Exclusive Feng Shui Tips From Our Designers

It goes without saying that we are no Feng Shui masters here. Still, based on our designers’ past experiences, the team suggested a few points and areas worth paying extra attention to if you want to up your Feng Shui game and enhance the overall energy of your space. 

Elements/ Areas:

  • Entrance
  • Lighting 
  • The use of dominant colour

What to avoid:

  • Open ceiling with exposed overhead beams
  • Consulting with a Feng Shui master after securing/signing a property or listing is another no-no. 


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Our Creative Director Alexandra Luo on bringing OOO products to V BY VIE

For those who are new here, V BY VIE is the ‘brain child’ of Vie Studio, sister of Cafe 0.6, all run by the masterminds and creative team at Vie Studio. 


Besides selling in-house design and creation, V BY VIE is partnering with many Australian local brands and at the same time bringing unique international brands and products to Australian trend-lovers. 


Very soon, a new line of OOO products from the amazing brand Five Metal Shop from Taiwan will hit the shelves at V BY VIE. We thought, what better occasion to chat with our Creative Director and hear the ‘whys’ behind her decision for this exciting addition. 


How did you come across OOO products?

I found out about OOO products because of Five Metal Shop – an award-winning branding design company (OOO is a project under Five Metal Shop). Their design services are very full-on, which is similar to what I’d like to achieve in Vie Studio. From product design and branding to all aspects of digital marketing. 

Image © Five Metal Shop


What was your first impression when you saw their products?

The Calendar was the first product that I encountered, and my first impression was “WOW”; Everything from the design, printing, choices of colours and paper to the details are absolutely SPOT ON.

Calendar | Image © Five Metal Shop


If you could describe their brand in one sentence, what would it be?  

“Never disappoints me, always surprises me.”


If you could describe their brand in one sentence, what would it be?  

Their products are not just beautiful but also practical and cater for daily use purposes. Each product comes with a story behind their team, isn’t it amazing? You can feel the passion, efforts and souls put into each piece. 

OOO Products | Image © OOO Project Instagram


What’s the reason behind adding their products to V BY VIE’s list?

OOO project is the internal project of Five Metal Shop; The motto of Five Metal Shop is very similar to ours at Vie Studio, and we could resonate with their passion and integrity through their designed products. I want to promote and showcase products that express life attitudes and perspectives while highlighting the little things that matter. That’s why I have chosen OOO products for our upcoming release.

logo on window
Image © OOO Project Instagram


Your personal favourite from newly added OOO products? 

My favourite item would be the Beer Glass.

Calendar | Beer Glass | Bottle Opener

New products include OOO Bottle Opener and Beer Glass (on sale) and Five Metal Shop 2022 Calendar (pre-order) from 19/10/2021 (19th October 2021).


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Supercharge Your Instagram Feed With These 5 Interesting Accounts [Our Monthly Picks]

What makes Instagram so engaging is the constant flow of photos — of your friend’s funny bloopers or the most photo-worthy spots in Paris. Yet, are you tired of seeing the same content day by day? It’s recharging time, here’s a list of five accounts you should definitely start following on Instagram. 


Recommended by our team, although most of us are, obvi, designers, this article covers everything from aesthetically pleasing photos and cool design to daily happiness, lifestyle, and relatable memes we all need after a hectic day.



Known for his breathtaking aerial photography projects, German photographer Tom Hegen captures a glimpse of our earth’s surface and landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention while raising awareness on environmental issues.

His projects are very much research-driven, taking visual storytelling up a notch!



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tom Hegen (




Of course, we have to give the ‘child’ of Vie Studio a shoutout! If you are a brunch enthusiast or simply love scrolling through #foodporn and #coffeeheaven photos, Cafe 0.6 account is waiting for that follow!

The feed is designed and planned based on the current seasonal theme going on at the cafe. 



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @cafezeropointsix




All-in-one stop for worldwide projects, featuring Furniture | Interior Design | Architecture. 

The account showcases designs with unconventional approaches. If you are a fan of pastel palettes and rose hues, Layers and Shapes is your wonderland. 



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Layers&Shapes (@layersandshapes)




It’s the #editorialworthy homes and residential projects you see on magazines with the appearance of our favourite friend #puppy #dog.

Each photo features an incredible home and the dog(s) that live there. #adorable 



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by RESIDENT DOG (





I mean, we just have to include a #meme account here cause who doesn’t love a good laugh? If you are a part of the #9to5 team, you could easily relate to any post here and find yourself screaming #relatable while scrolling through this account. 

Nothing fancy or mind-blowing, but tons of daily doses of fun content to fight tough days.



Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram too @viestudio 😉


4 Key Benefits of Strong Brand Identity

Are you a new player in the market and struggling to get that initial attention? Or are you taking the next steps and looking to advance your company image? Crafting a strong brand identity is your ‘key’. Brand identity is at the core of all marketing and brand awareness efforts and has great benefits for your brand in the long run. 

What is Brand Identity?

“It goes beyond having a logo and ‘call it a day’.”

As a business, your brand identity is essentially your personality and what makes you unique. Ultimately, it’s how you are perceived in the eyes of the public.

It consists of aspects like your website design and brand colour choices, as well as elements such as your values, marketing collaterals, customer interactions and social media profiles.

Miss Shanghai Branding
Miss Shanghai – Branding Project by Vie Studio


A Strong Brand Identity Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

“Shine bright like a diamond”

Developing a professional, creative identity design allows you to showcase the uniqueness of your business and add a competitive edge that will differentiate you from your competitors. With millions if not billions of businesses trying to enter or make a name for themselves in an already crowded market, your strong identity is what it takes to fill in the initial ‘why?’ question, for instance, “Why should I choose your services or products instead of theirs?”.


A Strong Brand Identity Builds Trust for New Customers & Partners and Loyalty for Returning Ones

“If it matches their values, they will see the landscape entirely differently.”

An effective brand identity communicates your business personality and influences your clients’ perception of who you are in terms of quality, service and trustworthiness. It is why you attract customers in the first place and why they keep coming back for more. Occasionally, you could easily rank higher in the list if your brand showcases values that match with theirs. 

This also applies to the partners and companies you will be working with, as your brand identity shows how prepared you are in the professional world.


A Strong Brand Identity Creates a sense of consistency and cohesiveness

“Consistency is Key”

A detailed brand identity package ensures that you are at the forefront of all your marketing materials, have full control over how your business should be presented and easily plan cohesive messages and design elements across all different platforms. Hence, naturally engage a sense of consistent company experience for customers, employees and key stakeholders.


A Strong Brand Identity Enables Growth and Conveys Stability

“Cheers to many upcoming years…”

When your brand is aligned with your vision, it fosters any progressions within your business and growth naturally becomes feasible. 

A well-defined brand identity also projects a long term feel and conveys an impression that the business is ‘here to stay’. 

Australia Packaging branding
Australia Packaging – Branding Project by Vie Studio


At Vie Studio, we are here to tell a story and bring a brand to life, not only by making it look good, and be relevant to the end-users, but also by transforming brands themselves into powerful assets for a business. 

Check out more of our branding projects or speak to our team today to discover how we can help you build your brand.

Design Strategies to Increase Walk-ins For F&B Outlets

While some people like to search for online reviews first before deciding which restaurant they will choose, the majority of the rest simply ‘trust in their guts’ and enter the one that appeals to the senses and whet the appetite. 

Design has a critical impact on decision-making; It is one of the first factors why someone decides to enter an F&B (Food and Beverage) outlet within seconds. That is why we highly recommend discovering these design strategies to increase walk-ins for your business. 

Attractive Facade

“The face of your business.”

A captivating shop front design for restaurants and cafes does more than looking good, it excites people’s curiosity and gives a visual clue that hints at what to expect by conveying your brand message. 

Yakiniku Yokocho Japanese Restaurant Shop Front
Yakiniku Yokocho, Sydney | Interior Design and Branding by Vie Studio

Unique businesses take their facades up a notch. Imagine having a hard time deciding what’s for dinner until you see this vibrant yet mysterious restaurant that screams vintage. The overall design subtly tells you that the restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine, at the same time, intrigued to enter in order to explore more.  

Eye-grabbing Signage and Props also play significant roles in completing the whole design of your business exterior. It’s like the ‘accessories’ to complete your everyday look. 

Signage should be distinct and easy to read in order to grab people’s attention, especially at night. Props are more than just decoration, they are a way to reflect the desired persona of your business — whether it’s fast, casual, fancy, or a hybrid. Plants or custom made sculptures are some of the popular choices. 

Scultures at Roji Monster Sydney
Custom Sculptures at Roji Monster, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Our Tips:

  • Walk-in customers love to “window shop” F&B outlets, it is a good idea to avoid any exterior clutter so potential customers can have a peek at the overall ambience and what is being served (unless you are aiming to create a private and exclusive setting). 
Sushi Hotaru shop front
Sushi Hotaru, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio
  • Another way to increase traffic is to put a few seats outside such as sidewalk café tables, these seating will act as a “living billboard.”
  • Your signage should be clear to read and use contrasting colours to prevent the text from blending with the background.
  • Avoid overcrowded display of your props. 


Welcoming Lighting

“Extra lights, Extra Shine”

Lighting is one of the most important facets of interior design and as the options are endless, you might want to navigate it down by identifying the overall mood you want to accentuate. For instance, you might opt for low lighting to create a more laid-back mood or bright lights to encourage a lively atmosphere. 

Lighting at Japanese BBQ restaurant
Lighting Design at Yakiniku Ryoma BBQ, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Lighting also depends on the theme of your brand and should never be overlooked. Speaking of lights, neon signs add extra ambience and is a great way to showcase your business’s personality and creative flair. 

neon lights, Thai restaurant shop front
Neon lights at Thai Riffic, St Clair | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Our Tips:

  • Take into consideration how your lighting will look in both daytime and nighttime, as dimmed lights might be a problem when it is dark while lights that are too bright are a bad idea when the sun is up. However, this also depends on the location of your outlets and whether natural lighting is an option. 


Is it Photo-Worthy?

“Camera eats first”

With the burgeoning popularity of social media, many businesses put lots of thought into design elements that could tap into the love for photography and moment sharing of their potential customers. We got impressed at how the little details like a romantic quote on the wall or a hanging light could be the reason why people step in that door. 

Photo wall at Machi Machi tea shop
Machi Machi, Sydney | Interior Design by Vie Studio

Our tips: 

  • Do some research on what clicks for your target customers. 
  • Avoid overcrowding your space with photo-worthy spots. 


Learn more about our previous projects or discuss in-depth design strategies that will help boost your walk-ins today with one of our professional designers.

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The Rise of Minimalistic Bakery Cafes