Canopy of cherry blossoms sweeps Sydney for two weeks every August

Miss Japan, well you can indulge in the art of flower viewing or known as “hanami” in the Sydney Cherry blossom festival that was held from Friday August 18th 2017 to Sunday August 27th 2017. At the Auburn botanic gardens, Sydneysiders can walk under a canopy of pink blossoms in the Japanese Garden. A famous season in Japan, no wonder it is an annual event crowded with tourists and local Sydney people.

Over the two weekends during the festival, both contemporary and traditional Japanese culture come together through music and performance with additions including movies and a silent disco. Food is available as well where a village is set up hosting several food trucks and restaurants serving everything from Masyua to Katsu curry and Japanese hot dogs or a bento box even. There’s origami workshops provided for both children and you can add it to the community display or take it home. With many activities to enjoy, it’s better to arrive early to get a spot. If you didn’t get to attend, there’s always next year!

Winter in Japan

Undoubtedly one of my (and our team’s) favourite places to visit, Japan boasts beautiful sceneries all year round, with it’s impeccably clean streets and long list of things to see and do. Many of us are familiar with the country’s iconic tourist destinations, such as the Shibuya crossing and the Tokyo tower – of which I highly encourage you to visit, once at the very least.
However, if given the chance, one should go off the beaten track and travel the distance to new and less tourist-saturated areas. Allow yourself room for exploration – sometimes the best experiences emerge when you don’t plan for them. Get advice from the locals, be spontaneous, live in the moment (and don’t forget to take pictures).

Origami meets architecture

Origami meets architecture

Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In Japanese ‘ori’ means ‘folding’ and ‘kami’ means paper.

The goal of this interesting concept is to transform a flat sheet square into a finished sculpture through various folding and sculpting techniques.


When you put origami and architecture, what kind of visual eye candy will you see?

Origami isn’t as easy as you think – there’s geometric and mathematical qualities involved to produce the final product. By using this ancient Japanese art and exploding these paper structures into life- sized scale, interesting shapes and forms have been produced over the years.


The angular, jagged and sharp points protruding out of the building is sometimes seen as unwelcoming and dangerous – but now it has become a trend in contemporary architecture. Designs ranging from hotels, offices and halls have been produced by the influence of this ancient Japanese art form.