noun [ feminine ] /vi/
(existence) fait d’exister, de vivre

At Vie Studio we believe that design shapes life and in turn life shapes design. We work together to embody and highlight each unique individual, brand and project through dynamic and inspiring design solutions across a variety of specialty areas.

Being a multidisciplinary agency providing services ranging from interior and branding concepts to contract documentation and visual identity packages, we are able to effortlessly guide our clients from concept through to completion. Through our compelling design strategies and coherent business vision, we are able to create tailored spaces that understand and capture our client’s vision and needs.

We keep the narrative at the core of our design to ensure that each aspect of the project is meaningfully articulated and informs the aesthetic, from the overall interior down to the finely crafted details. Striving for innovative and timeless designs, together we can set you apart from the rest.