Expressing Brand Stories through

Why Vie?




Scope of Work


Interior Design & Architecture

Hospitality Design
Retail Design
Office and Commercial Interiors
Residential Design
Developments & Common Area Design
Shopping Centre Interiors


Brand Identity

Visual Identity
Brand Naming
Brand Strategies
Brand Guidelines
Creative Direction
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture

20220412_Services Icon Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

Wall Art
Floral Installations
Home & Apartment Styling
Events & Workshops Styling
Corporate & Reception Styling
Retail & Commercial Space Styling


Graphic Design

Way Finding
Menu Design
Signage Design
Uniform Design
Hoarding Design
Stationery Design
Packaging Design
Print & Digital Collaterals


Digital Marketing

Website Design
Paid advertising
Market Research
Strategic Planning
Content Production
Influencer Marketing
Organic Development
Social Media Marketing
Analytics and Reporting
Community Management
Campaign Development & Management

The Journey with Vie


Kickoff with a Meeting over Coffee

We will get to know your business and the vision behind it by asking the right questions.

We will pull apart every detail of the brief, and look for underlying opportunities, ultimate goals and the results you’re looking to achieve.


Concept Exploration

This is where we bring together a team with skills and expertise fitting the project and engage in comprehensive research into the market, opportunities, trends and insights.

We develop concepts through innovative approaches to find unique, relevant, and practical solutions suitable for clients across different industries. 

As designers, we unleash our imagination and ensure there is a story to tell behind every concept we create.


Design Development & Proposal

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s a roadmap that allows us to steer our client’s business in the right direction with realistic goals. 

This is where the magic happens. We explore, develop and present ideas in detail through mood boards, sketches, and renderings. When it comes to proposals, we strive for excellence in all forms of design communication: verbal, written and visual.

We treasure the collaborative process. That is why your feedback is crucial to us; It helps us refine our approach and make adjustments accordingly. 


Documentation & Review of Deliverables

This is where we will fine-tune the final design, prepare for documentation with essential implementation details and conduct a final review of all deliverables.