A Touch of Greenery in Interior Design

None of us wants an uninspiring and dull space, especially after spending a great deal of time (and of course, money) designing it. Yet, sometimes, we find ourselves searching for that little missing ‘puzzle piece’ to complete the big picture and create the right atmosphere for our space. This article will explore the different approaches to greenery in interior design.  

But first, what is Greenery in Interior Design? 

“Greeneries are like an extra soothing dose of life and nature to a space.” 

Kou Ramen - Greenery
Indoor Bamboo Display | Kou Ramen | Photography by Andrew Worssam for Vie Studio

Green surrounds us, it is one of the colours that carry positive connotations. While many of us would immediately associate the use of ferns and plants when we hear about the term, Greenery is used in many different ways, it can be a piece of furniture, a decorative wallpaper or even an accessory to add depth and unique texture to a space.


So what makes Greenery one of interior designers’ go-to practices? 

It brings colours and textures into a space to create a sense of visual abundance and interest while accentuating the overall ambience of the design. 


Bright & Vibrant – Welcoming Ambience

Dark & Moody – Intimate and Intriguing Ambience

It creates movement and liveliness that stimulate the senses and has positive effects on people and their environments such as sparking creativity or promoting calmness.


It’s versatile, you can use them to your advantage and preference, depending on the settings and design of your space. 


Not a fan of maintenance? Bring out Artificials.

Development of unused angles.

Take it to the shelves.

Overhead Feature

Achieve Multi-dimensional with Wallpaper that will echoes the same motion

Ready to embrace greenery?

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