Our Creative Director Alexandra Luo on bringing OOO products to V BY VIE

For those who are new here, V BY VIE is the ‘brain child’ of Vie Studio, sister of Cafe 0.6, all run by the masterminds and creative team at Vie Studio. 


Besides selling in-house design and creation, V BY VIE is partnering with many Australian local brands and at the same time bringing unique international brands and products to Australian trend-lovers. 


Very soon, a new line of OOO products from the amazing brand Five Metal Shop from Taiwan will hit the shelves at V BY VIE. We thought, what better occasion to chat with our Creative Director and hear the ‘whys’ behind her decision for this exciting addition. 


How did you come across OOO products?

I found out about OOO products because of Five Metal Shop – an award-winning branding design company (OOO is a project under Five Metal Shop). Their design services are very full-on, which is similar to what I’d like to achieve in Vie Studio. From product design and branding to all aspects of digital marketing. 

Image © Five Metal Shop


What was your first impression when you saw their products?

The Calendar was the first product that I encountered, and my first impression was “WOW”; Everything from the design, printing, choices of colours and paper to the details are absolutely SPOT ON.

Calendar | Image © Five Metal Shop


If you could describe their brand in one sentence, what would it be?  

“Never disappoints me, always surprises me.”


If you could describe their brand in one sentence, what would it be?  

Their products are not just beautiful but also practical and cater for daily use purposes. Each product comes with a story behind their team, isn’t it amazing? You can feel the passion, efforts and souls put into each piece. 

OOO Products | Image © OOO Project Instagram


What’s the reason behind adding their products to V BY VIE’s list?

OOO project is the internal project of Five Metal Shop; The motto of Five Metal Shop is very similar to ours at Vie Studio, and we could resonate with their passion and integrity through their designed products. I want to promote and showcase products that express life attitudes and perspectives while highlighting the little things that matter. That’s why I have chosen OOO products for our upcoming release.

logo on window
Image © OOO Project Instagram


Your personal favourite from newly added OOO products? 

My favourite item would be the Beer Glass.

Calendar | Beer Glass | Bottle Opener

New products include OOO Bottle Opener and Beer Glass (on sale) and Five Metal Shop 2022 Calendar (pre-order) from 19/10/2021 (19th October 2021).


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