A Look Into Our Designers’ WFH Workstation

Although we are all obsessed with our office space and love being surrounded by all the talented people, WFH (Working From Home) is now the new normal here in Sydney, Australia. We thought it would be interesting to have a look into different ‘stay-at-home’ workstation setups from our team, where the designers are crafting the next big projects. 


Big Boss Sheila’s workstation screams ‘techie’ vibe with a variety of professional devices and gadgets. Her keyboard with red lights brings in extra energy to the whole setup, while the cards and photos at the back add a little touch of personal elements. 

Sheila’s must-have: Charging Dock  – Low battery is a NO NO!

Interesting Find: Mini Mint Desk Vacuum – a life-safer for your table mess that also looks chic.



This little friend decided to take over our Boss Alexandra’s workstation for the day! His appearance adds extra coziness to the professional setup. 

Alexandra’s must-have: Calculator – Slay the numbers!

Interesting Find: 🐶 



Our Designer Katie’s workstation deserves a spot on any Pinterest board! We are in love with all the neutral tones. You know our designers are up and busy when their desktops look like this. 

Katie’s must-have: Phone – relatable! 

Interesting Find: White Statue Pen Holder 



The marble tabletop adds a timeless and versatile finish to our designer Cathy’s simple workstation.

Cathy’s must-have: Airpods – essential for online meetings or jamming to her all-time favourite tunes. 

Interesting Find: Vitamins! – a must for daily immune support during these times. 



Another aesthetically pleasing workstation from our designer Kelly. The colorful keyboard and miniatures add some pop of colours to the whole setup that is black-heavy. 

Kelly’s must-have: Water – gotta stay hydrated!

Interesting Find: Plant



We are obsessed with our graphic designer Phoebe’s glass table that elevates the whole setup. The black and white combination always delivered, such a simple yet modern workstation.  

Phoebe’s must-have: Chocolate – much needed to keep the creative juices flowing

Interesting Find: Speaker – for best sounds that also looks good as a decoration item. 



Our designer Kristine’s workstation is simple and organised which leans more on the professional setup. Basically, it is a setup that helps you get the job done without having any distracting objects. 

Kristine’s must-have: Glasses – in order to spot all the little details 

Interesting Find: a cup of water – nothing too glamorous here, we just love that she is staying hydrated! 



Our designer Nellie’s workstation is a perfect mix of professional and personal with the addition of everyday essentials and decoration here and there. Her flowers add a breath of liveliness to the whole setup. 

Nellie’s must-have: Lucas PaPaw – a multi-purpose fav for us all!

Interesting Find:  Wall Decor – Gift Tag, Quote, Photo


Bonus workstation from our Management and Marketing team 


Michelle’s workstation is all about simplicity, equipped with all the basic work items  and a hint of personal. Having white as the main color scheme, this setup looks clean and professional.

Michelle’s must-have: Diary – pages of life

Interesting Find: Cute ‘Woof’ picture frame



Rachel’s love for all things pink and her army of minions show with this workstation. The combination of pink and yellow is fun and motivational. 

Rachel’s must-have: sticky note – a classic reminder 

Interesting Find: Pink Bunny Phone Stand 


We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a dedicated workstation when you are working-from-home, as it enables us to focus and be productive. We got to see such a unique vast of characteristics and personal preferences put into each setup, these could be great inspiration for your own ‘stay-at-home’ workstation.