Bian Dang

Location: Wolli Creek

Date of completion: August 2017

Project type: Interior design


The traditional concept of street food in Asian culture brings a modern casualisation of dining experience and provides a simplified dining concept to Sydney patrons. A unique feature is the four grid design in the logo which reflects the traditional Chinese language characters and also is an inspiration for the interior’s minimalist design. Having a simple yet clean colour palette, the attention is drawn to the food that’s served. Many of Bian Dang’s food are a culinary mashup of traditional flavours and contemporary processes.

Bian Dang’s counter is the main feature interpreting contemporary street food and its visibility is seen from the three glazed shopfronts. A pitched roof house silhouette is structured to highlight the kitchen as the main feature. Within the walls of the restaurant, striking graffiti are present. One of the notable graffiti is the Lucky Cat which in Japanese and Chinese culture is believed to bring good luck to the owner. This is a reflection of Bian Dang business nature of being a Chinese restaurant.