Eclat Atelier, Zetland

Project Name: Eclat Atelier
Location Site: Zetland
Project Type: Interior Design
Date of Completion: April 2020

The element of water resonates deeply with the art of hair dressing. It is constantly being alluded to in a poetic sense – from the fluid movements of cutting to the myriad of reflections that is ever present.

With a name meaning “brilliance” in French, the concept for Éclat Atelier takes a deeper look into this notion using stainless steel in its bold approach to minimalistic design. The ambience of water is evoked through the velvety reflections that appear on the silver walls and the natural ripple textures that drift across the central ceiling feature.

As a new pioneer in the business, the space also explores the idea of futurism, with streamlined polished surfaces and soft glowing lights. Set in a stripped back space, concealed LEDs in combination with the gleaming surfaces create an edgy space-age look which makes the hair salon experiential as much as it is beautiful.