Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Regent Place Sydney

Project Name: Sushi Yokocho
Location: Regent Place
Project Type: Interior Design and Branding
Date: December 2019

Edomae Sushi Yokocho is a sushi and omakase joint that has joined the busy and trendy location of Regent Place. Sushi, which dates back to Japan’s Edo period, has become one of the most popular fast food delicacies today. This brand has been established to reflect the authenticity of eating sushi the way Edo people enjoyed most: convenient, fresh and on the streets by stands.

With an angled weatherboard counter front and a timber slat awning, Edomae Sushi Yokocho’s design references this culturally rich time period and pays homage to traditional Japanese architecture to bring a little piece of Japan to Regent Place. Complete with glowing lanterns, iconic signage boxes and illuminated timber details, this little sushi train is a noteworthy counterpart to its sister store Yakiniku Yokocho.