Edomae Sushi, Burwood

Project Name: Edomae Sushi
Location: Burwood
Project Type: Interior Design & Branding
Date: 2021

Authenticity is at the heart of Edomae Sushi, where heritage and culture are celebrated in their simplest form. At first glance, an undeniable wave of warmth washes over the streets of Burwood. A peculiar yet peaceful cohabitation between the modern landscape and the traditional restaurant. This is a reflective experience of Japan, where the harmony of old and new coexist.

Upon entering, the bare form of timber dominates the space, yet the timber construction’s complexity pays homage to its Japanese roots. A street-like ambience is evoked from the lanterns above, and the “extension” of the street tiles within the interior conjures a relationship between the inside and outside world.

Edomae Sushi assembles prominent elements of Japanese culture in a minimal yet dynamic manner.