Jim’s Malaysia, Chatswood

Project Name: Jim’s Malaysia
Location Site:
Hawker Lane, Chatswood
Date of completion: November 15
Project Type: Interior Design


The design was inspired by the Malaysian Nyonya culture and its food. The aesthetics of this culture is evident in its lattice windows, colourful patterned tiles and daily-living objects. Being influenced by Chinese and European cultures, the unique patterns, distinct geometric forms and colours have been derived from real-life household objects. These motifs give patrons a real taste of Malaysia that strives to leave a strong lasting impression.

Water colour graphics were integrated into the kiosk to emphasise the authentic nature of the cuisine in which the food is often handcrafted. The front counter display was inspired by the timber balustrades commonly found in a typical Malaysian Nyonya house. Details such as bamboo sieves, fans, pots, lunch boxes and canned items are displayed as props decorating the store to give an overall Malaysian atmosphere. The hanging canopy around the kiosk acts as the main lighting feature giving the space depth and an inviting feel. Together, the design creates an environment where patrons can immerse themselves in the daily-living of a Malay Nyonya household.