Kaito, Castle Towers

Project: Kaito
Location: Castle Towers
Project Type: Interior & Branding Design
Date: 2017

Located in Castle Towers at Castle Hill, Kaito is a Japanese eatery that is one of its kind in the local area.  A casual sushi train during the day and sake bar by night, Kaito serves up traditional dishes with a modern approach. The brief was to create a brand and store that reflects its traditional Japanese cooking methods in a modern setting. The result is a refined, minimal and contemporary space, yet providing affordable dining to its target audience.

The use of dark timber in the restaurant complements the overall vision of Kaito’s design and reflects the mood of dining in Japan’s hidden bars.  Feature bulkhead frames are inspired by the simplicity of the Japanese lifestyle, extending around the perimeter of the sushi train. While the open kitchen layout allows patrons to watch their food being freshly made. Careful and selective use of materials, ranging from timber, terrazzo tiles to perforated metals, was applied to the space to emphasise the refined Japanese cuisine being served that is powerful in its simplicity.

When translating the name “Kaito” from Japanese it directly means ocean. Because of this interpretation, the logo has been designed to reflect the soft organic movement of waves translation with a contemporary twist.