Kumiho, Parramatta

Project Name: Kumiho
Location/Site: Parramatta
Date of Completion: April 2018
Project Type: Branding and Interior design

Located in Parramatta, Kumiho offers food that fuses cross-cultural influences and flavours to excite the palates of all patrons. Inspired by the mythical origins of the Nine-Tailed Fox, colours used in the interior draw on natural earthy tones while the design reflects the organic lines and motifs of the fox.

To translate this concept into life, an abundance of layers and textures are introduced to wall finishes and ceiling features, resembling a dining experience set amidst a forest. The use of thin timber strips¬†echoes the trees that envelop the forest, whilst red clay bricks and neutral grey tiles signifies the earth that sustains life within it. Laid in a unique three-dimensional pattern, the bricks add dimension and sophistication to the space. Customers are greeted to the restaurant with greenery suspended from the ceiling and rows of exposed bulb pendants that represent the fire flies in the woods.¬†Drawing from the tail of the Nine-Tailed Fox, wall paneling is designed in a curved form, arranged with an organic mix between the brand’s signature green and natural timber colours.