Machi Machi, Melbourne Emporium

Machi Machi


“How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The Brief

Machi Machi sets a unique twist to its notable yellow scheme, a first of its own at Melbourne Emporium. Part of the brief was to introduce a new bespoke and invigorating approach that would be exclusive to the Melbourne store.

The sunshine yellow takes us through a tunnel-like interior, where curvilinear silhouettes enfolds into each other. Much like the sun, its glowing and warm embrace lures every spectator through a Machi Machi experience. The exaggerated sight lines of the arch protrusions creates a dimensional shopfront whilst providing the utmost exposure into the shop.

Echoing through the space, the arched tube lights spark a lively ambience against the contrasting fierce tones of grey concrete elements. An unusual pairing that allows for a striking interior and a playful counterpart to its iconic dog and rain bottle graphic.

Mimicking this rain confetti image, is the monumental and singular terrazzo counter that appears to be emerging from the walls and floor. It is a refined and minimalist approach that is urban and contemporary. Simple, clean but distinctively Machi Machi.


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