Nugu, Regent Place



A playful narrative about traditional Korean cuisine in a modern setting.”

Nugu is a persona that is derived from “Joon Nugu”, meaning “who is Joon?” A charming and admirable character that brings harmony and impact, yet it is a mystery unsolved as to why. It is not unlike Korean cuisine, where the variety of colours in their dishes present a healthy balance in the diet. Minimalism and mint blue and oranges palette reveal a playful narrative about traditional Korean cuisine in a modern setting.

Nugu’s cheekiness is presented at the shopfront in the form of irregular placement of arched shapes, accented by mint blue. Complimenting orange tones illuminated from the signage offers a sleek modern font style, with curved edges that speaks to the interior. This language is woven into the ceiling feature, where moments of mystery are in play, as flexi neon Korean characters “hover” above theirs guests. All encompass Joon’s character – the hidden quirky figure that reveals itself in the pages of Nugu’s menu.

Much like the minimal vectors of the interior, from the timber partitions to the linear Korean characters, minimal linework is adopted into the branding of Nugu. All elements encapsulate the mysterious character of Joon, allowing moments of curiosity and surprise to heighten one’s experience.




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