Pennant Hills Market Place

Project Name: Pennant Hills Market Place
Location: Pennant Hills
Project Type: Interior & Branding Design
Date: September 2020

The brief for Pennant Hills Market Place was to implement upgrades to wayfinding signages, provide better lighting, introduce new materials and finishes to achieve a warmer and inviting environment. With this new refurbishment, the intention behind the rebranding process was to encourage the local community together to hang out in safe and familiar surroundings. To further elevate the liveliness of the shopping centre, the use of warm timbers and lush greenery around the centre adds a natural feel to the space, whilst maintaining a modern and refined look. The ambience is enhanced by the strategic use of feature lighting to create interest throughout and to define each space, whilst simultaneously linking them to the overall.

The concept behind the new wayfinding signages were derived from the existing Pennant Hills Market Place logo. To maintain a humble yet familiar space for the local community, the existing colours from the brand have been used to uplift the shopping centre as well as the carpark pylon signage. Created with the combination of different parts of letters and elements found in the existing logo, the directional and wayfinding signs have been designed uniquely to the centre. This design concept has also been applied to the graphics found in the community hub and toilet facilities location.