%22, Chippendale

Project: %22
Location Site: Chippendale
Project Type: Interior design & branding
Date of Completion:  2020

%22 is all about offering premium smoothies and teas with a balanced blend of flavours and variety. Located in the heart of Chippendale, the branding and interior design concept is inspired by how beverages require multiple layers of ingredients to create a drink. The overall visual identity utilises abstract shapes to illustrate this layering concept which is reflected in the logo, packaging, wall graphic, signage and uniform design.

Geometric elements are further translated into the interior with a dynamic ceiling feature that mimics the shapes of the logo within the voids. The table leg is designed in a way that the shapes are arranged in abstract ways to emphasise the unique and layered flavour combinations the brand offers. The space utilises monochromatic tones of black, grey and white with subtle textures to create contrasting background to the vibrant, colourful drinks.