Rhodes Bakery, Rhodes Central

Rhodes Bakery


“Bold layers of colours and textures showcase a relationship between the modern and classic design.

Rhodes Bakery - A Project by Vie Studio

There is nothing more comforting than the familiar and iconic taste of Banh Mi. It is the Vietnamese epitome of street food wrapped up in a French baguette package that assembles layers of colour, texture and culture right before your eyes. Allowing humble and genuine qualities of the bakery to take its stage, the visual identity maintains a simple and refined appearance, with a dash of fun in the form of an animated girl and her Banh Mi layers.

The logo sets the tone for the rest of the design, where the texture of rattan and the modern interpretation of the roof tile counter front reintroduces the classic nuances of Vietnamese culture. Its complimenting neighbour, the carrot coloured frames and bamboo look details on the menu frames portray the delicious combination of sugar cane drink and Banh Mi.

No stage is without its lights, the theatre-like lightbox and illuminated food display bring to life its “characters” where the assembling of the Banh Mi is at centre stage.


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