Ros Niyom, Glenmore Park

Project: Ros Niyom
Location site: Glenmore Park Shopping Centre
Project Type: Interior & Branding Design
Date of Completion: 2021

Ros Niyom is where ‘flavour’ and ‘favour’ meet in one place. As Thai food brings out an explosion of sweet and spicy flavours, these authentic tastes of Ros Niyom have not only been adored by locals, but have also become an integral staple of the Western palette and dining lifestyle.

Inspired by the rich Thai flavours, there is more to Ros Niyom than meets the eye. By combining traditional Thai motifs and recognisable Western elements together, Ros Niyom merges two cultural pieces together to bring a modern twist to the brand.

The restaurant’s interior design is a contemporary approach to traditional Thai colour palette and textures. Natural and earthy tone materials are complimented through the use of rattan and timber curved forms in this casual-dining restaurant. Linear timber dowels used along the banquet seat added depth to vertical surfaces and the brass detailing is accentuated with a contrasting green background. The overall ambience of Ros Niyom is refined and modern with a creative approach referencing the Thai culture and cuisine.