Skyone Capital, Sydney

Concept Name: Skyone Capital
Location Site: Sydney CBD
Project Type: Branding & Styling
Date of Completion: October 2019

Skyone Capital is a multi- family office firm based in Sydney CBD that focuses on creating investment opportunities to selective clienteles, especially meeting the financial needs and services for affluent families.

The brand puts emphasis on lateral thinking, logical problem solving by exploring all possible outcomes and solutions for entrepreneurs. This attitude is reflected in the text based logo which reinforces Skyone Capital’s simple intention of building a trusted and secure community for these families.

To affirm Skyone Capital’s vision, a choice of navy and sky blue colour tones have been selected as the brand’s dominant colours giving it a stable and confident persona. The overall interior styling and spatial planning design features a selection of prestige, luxe furniture and furnishings with the predominance use of timber and brass. Collaborating with Morphos, these materials have been careful selected to style the light filled 145sqm office workspace to give it a modern and sophisticated touch.