Sole Tattoo Gallery, Marrickville

Sole Tattoo Gallery


“Sole Tattoo Gallery is a bold new concept to exhibit the talents of various artists of different styles in a showroom-like setting.”

Everyone is unique in their own way, whether it be taste of art or style. The interior concept revolves around the brand name Sole, meaning the humble sunflower. Like the thousands of petals that shape the sunflower, the tattoo itself is formed by thousands of tiny pinpricks. This idea of pointillism will inform the spatial narrative of Sole Tattoo Gallery.

The perforation of the mesh shopfront begins to unveil the interior within, it is reminiscent of the slow reveal of the pinprick action that forms the body art. This imagery is further translated in the circular and modular layout of the space, enhanced by the repetition of tiles and ‘dotted’ wall lights.

There’s a sense of arrival exhibited by the bold intentional unrefined silhouette of the brand’s logo, a memorable and affable combination that embraces unconventional artistry. While the sunflower motif is reiterated throughout the space in the form of ‘flourishing’ flower arrangements, and striking halo sunflowers suspended above, the design allowed visual cues to leave traces of playfulness and warmth, within a stripped back concrete and timber setting.




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