Thai Riffic South Village

Project Information: Thai Riffic South Village
Project Type: Interior design & rebranding
Location: Kirrawee
Date of completion: March 2019

Refreshing the traditional brand Thai Riffic has established over the years, the new flagship store in Kirrawee was rebranded as a casual street eating experience. Keeping in line with the brand identity, use of traditionally Thai materials and motifs simultaneously contrast and complement the modern elements to create a vibrant, contemporary interior merging the old with the new.

The interior features a large wall mural with four characters representing the chef, barista, wait person and bartender done in a traditional Thai style painting. They represent careers for a new generation of Thai people in Australia who strive to have a better and happier lifestyle. The graphic lines and colours are kept simple and bold to accentuate the strength and power of these characters.

Traditional Thai urns are also displayed throughout the space as another motif feature. These urns represent wealth in Thai culture as they are made with fine ceramics and gold leaf. Thai Riffic utilises these props to represent the tradition and wealth of their culinary knowledge.

Creating an atmosphere of approachability, the interior uses natural timbers and ambient lighting serve as the base of the interior. While new points of interest are introduced in the use of decorative tiles, geometric patterns and bold colour use. Further, Thai Riffic’s iconic pink brand colour is injected throughout the design – adding a unique modern twist.

With this new interior, the new flagship store will not only serve as a new gathering space for patrons to share food, but also to encourage their sense of community and togetherness.