The Naked Duck, Westpac Place Sydney

Project name: The Naked Duck
Location site: Westpac Place, Sydney
Date of completion: October 2019
Project type: Interior design

As both cookery masters and coffee artisans, the concept for The Naked Duck takes advantage of its unique site in Westpac Place to present itself as a culinary theatre showcasing the talents of the chefs and baristas.

The interior design plays with the idea of a ‘box within a box’, utilizing a series of frames to present the tenancy as a landmark with its own distinctive flair. Drawing from the iconic French blue shade intertwined with the café’s identity, the concept also explores the idea of the tenancy as a ‘water point’ within the ‘urban jungle’ that is Westpac Place.

Varied panels such as textured glass and perforated mesh create intriguing layers of transparency that theatrically play with the idea of concealment and display as well as poetically alluding to the concept of water that is ever present.