Theia Optical, Five Dock

Theia Optical


“Sight is the noblest sense of man.” – Albrecht Durer

Theia (Θεία Εὐρυφάεσσα) is derived from the Greek Goddess Theia of sight and shining ether of bright blue sky, who is synonymous with gold and shining light. She has the ability to see spirits which allowed to see beyond the mortal realm.

The Brief

The Five Dock optometrist is an elegant take on the portrayal of the Greek goddess and part of the brief is to have a clean, delicate and light impression that primarily showcased glasses. Including a natural palette with warm beige tones and touches of sage green, allowing for an ethereal aura.

Like the goddess’s nature, Theia Opticals embodies her divine characteristics through elements of brass which represent her alliance with the sky and gold, while her status as a goddess is expressed by the monolithic silhouettes of Grecian column-like display plinths. Opticals evoke the idea of clarity and focus, the duality of rough and smooth represent the action of focusing, between clean and undulating lines of the interior.

The contrasting texture of the copious display shelves, elicits this dialogue shown between the grainy marble veins and sleek unmarred surfaces. The polarity between textures, micro and macro appearance of grains reimagines the notion of focusing.

Minimal but powerful is the interior ethos, where the journey to clarity is constant. It creates a narrative with glasses, where a small simple instrument has the power to grant one a better sight.


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