Zuhour Group Office, Dubai

Project Name: Zuhour Group Office
Location: Dubai
Date of Completion: September 2014
Project Type: Interior and Concept Design

Family driven with a strong emphasis on heritage, Zuhour Group is a multifaceted hospitality company located in Dubai. The concept design for their headquarters thus revolved around the idea of a perfect home without overlooking the core of the company’s business. The new spaces had to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere whilst navigating the balance between a bold and quirky personality and a professional corporate office.

Each and every space was designed to have a unique wow factor but the Guru Room, as the central point to all the creative ideas for Zuhour, naturally became the main feature. Multifaceted triangles were organically joined together to form irregular walls – resulting in a compelling space. Alternating panels of copper and glass were used to play with the varying degrees of transparency whilst illuminated words of inspiration glowed from beneath a glass floor.

Despite the difficulties presented by the physical distance between our company and the project location, Vie Studio was able to accommodate and liaise with the client, builders and suppliers via frequent communication. This involved a number of different platforms including email and skype conferences.