Yakiniku Yokocho, Regent Place Sydney

Project Name: Yakiniku Yokocho
Location: Regent Place, Sydney
Project Type: Interior design & branding
Date: July 2018

Located in the heart of Regent Place, Sydney CBD, Yakiniku Yokocho is a Japanese barbeque restaurant that offers an authentic experience transporting you to the vibrant and mysterious food alleyways of Japan.

The overall image of this brand is inspired by the narrow laneways which have been a part of Japanese culture for decades and is now an iconic feature to the nation. The brand will keep these traditional values whilst offering an eccentric yet sentimental experience to patrons. As such, both the logo and logo mark have been derived from traditional brush calligraphy. By infusing the brand’s name with a circular element – recalling that of a customary seal – the overall design creates a sophisticated and nostalgic image.

The layout and design of the restaurant encourages social gathering and nightlife where the Japanese streetscape is emulated through the narrow spatial typography and eclectic assemblage of urban props. As patrons wander through, they will encounter glowing lanterns, colourful vending machines and hanging signage dating back to the vintage era. Complete with hanging maple leaves and sakura branches, the lively city landscape of Tokyo is recreated right before your very eyes.